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Susan Penney Publisher of the Oro Valley Voice and the Tucson Smart Shopper LLC, thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with my business. I am available to meet and chat! please call or email 520-405-4746 sue@ovvoice.com

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The Oro Valley Voice and Community

The Oro Valley Voice is a community publication directly mailed to over 25,000 homes. Our publication is very positive and informative and very popular with our readers. They are very supportive of our advertisers. We support several non-profit organizations in the local community. We are in our 7th year and very proud of the Oro Valley Voice.

Roughly half of the 45,350 residence of Oro Valley subscribe to or read our publication.

​​​​​​​ Local residence read the Oro Valley Voice

 The Oro Valley Voice features local businesses

Local businesses have found that print media still has merit despite the ever-growing interest in digital advertising.  As consumers travel in proximity to local stores, they always pick up printed news featuring discount-coupons.

​​​​​​​ We accept articles and events

Because our residences are active and diverse, we encourage and accept articles and post events that they submit.

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